Ian Thomas

Digital Consultant

I enjoy bringing ideas to life, digitally speaking.

Things I Do

  • Content Creation

    Content for the web as a whole, up-to-date training materials and guides covering a large array of digital marketing and presentation skills.

  • Digital Consultation

    Guiding you to create online journeys that flow & digital marketing that resonates. Using search engines, social media, & creativity to get your stuff in front of the right people.

  • Live Training

    Training in person or via the internet in effective public speaking, advanced digital marketing, and sales strategies.

Driven by Digits.

Guided by Gigabits.

When it comes to digital marketing, the guessing game is up & gut feeling is dead.

We have more tools than ever at our disposal to create amazing experiences for our customers. But how do we figure out what experiences they want?

3 Steps.

Gathering, understanding & acting on data.

Great data enables us to create powerful stories, clear goals & transparent strategies that the entire team can get behind. But, perhaps most importantly, a brand that doesn’t just sell but resonates.

You may know me from...

Google Digital Garage

Ian Google Digital Garage in England
Google Digital Garage in England
Google Digital Garage in Wales
Google Digital Garage in Wales

Think TED Talks, with a little help from Google.

The Google Digital Garage is a global initiative to provide free digital skills training.

Whether you’re looking to build a website, a marketing strategy, get an introduction to coding or even build a cv, there’s a wide range of courses available.

“Ian is an informative, enthusiastic, engaging mentor & presenter with frequent use of real-world examples, practical analogies & audience participation.”

I’ve proudly been a part of this initiative since 2017 as a lead trainer & mentor of new trainers to the program.

Digital Skills Training from Google

Through the digital skills training I’ve provided, I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of businesses & thousands of people across the UK with all manner of digital related challenges, through one to one mentoring, workshops & seminars.

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